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Middleman Terms

All middleman deals include a prebooking fee which is separate from the middleman fee for the service. This prebooking fee is non-refundable in any pass or fails circumstance. It's a fee you pay for booking the time of the middleman. This pre-booking fee can be reduced or waived off in case of an old customer deal. Middleman reserves all rights to change the booking fee anytime.

Every deal has a fixed middleman fee which is 5% of the selling price (minimum $15 for selling price < $300) and the above may change if decided. If the deal is rejected by the middleman then there is no need to pay the fee. However, you can pay if you wish to.

Middleman has the right to reject the deal at any time during the same. Reasons a deal can be rejected by the middleman: 

  • Wrong info provided by the buyer/seller.

  • The OG email provided in the verification step is fake.

  • Told to provide OG email but denied during the deal.

  • Both or one of the parties seems to be fishy.

  • After verification, if the buyer doesn't pay within 20 minutes. No buffer will be given. It just takes a few buttons to send money if you're legit.

  • If the seller is not able to receive the money due to a random circumstance.

  • Any other valid scenario.

Currently, the middleman only do deals on Telegram until further notice. So if you don't have an account, make one. Takes 2 minutes.

If the middleman's fee is not paid on purpose then the middleman holds the right to not share the credential info until the fees are paid.

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